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This is my personal blog where I've been sharing thoughts and information about various things that I find interesting.  One of my biggest personal interests lies in high-performance and scientific computing, and this hobby of mine has wound up being the focus of most of my posts.  It's an exciting area of computing where leading-edge technology and science converge.

Since I started posting to this blog, I've also started working in the field of high-performance computing.  It's always nice to be able to get paid to do what you consider a hobby, and I still consider myself very lucky to have been given the opportunity to get into this business.  I now get paid to do what I used to get in trouble for doing--wasting time playing with computers instead of doing research.

This is still my personal blog though, and it contains my personal thoughts.  My personal thoughts do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer nor its managing organizations, and nothing I post here is motivated by external professional or political pressures.  I also do my best to disclose any competing financial interests when appropriate.

If you are reading this, I guess all I would like you really know is that this blog is being written by just some guy, not an organization.  I make no presumption that I know what I am talking about when I write new posts, so I may say things that are wrong or misguided.  And if you see anything that's wrong, leave a comment or send me an email.  I read them all.

About Me

I currently live in Oakland, California with my lovely wife and our two cats.  Before moving to California, I lived in New Jersey which is where I grew up.  My formal scientific background is nominally in materials science, but I studied ceramic engineering during my formative years and wrote my dissertation about modeling the surface chemistry of glass.  I have absolutely no formal education in computer science.  If you're really interested in more information about me, feel free to spy on me via Google+ or LinkedIn.

Here is a photo of my two cats, George (in the back) and Harriet.

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